Golden Federation – 2019

The 2nd Golden Federation Gathering is a seven day long spiritual journey, during which we will dive deep into Brazilian spirituality, the knowledge of Umbanda, its practices, and ceremonies, and encourage participants to connect with the teachings of the Golden Eagle “caboclo”, intertwining the tradition of Umbanda with the universe of ayahuasca.

Reino do Sol is a spiritual school created as a result of channeling the Golden Eagle caboclo, a descendant of Oxossi, crossing with Oxalá, our protector. Reino do Sol was born with the goal of creating a safe space for the study and development of mediums; people that can channel their spiritual guides to work for the greater benefit of all.The spiritual foundations of Reino do Sol can be found in Santo Daime and Umbanda, both of which are syncretic spiritual traditions from Brazil, and are influenced by indigenous, cabocla , spiritist, Christian and afro-brazilian traditions.

During the 17 years of Reino do Sol’s existence, we have had the opportunity to meet numerous communities, in various countries. People of many nationalities and cultures have been able to connect with the vibrations and teachings of the Golden Eagle caboclo, reverencing the knowledge of his ancestors and lineage. As a result of these meetings, an important inquiry has been presented to the devotees and students of this spiritual lineage: following such impactful experiences of the soul and profound contact with the mysteries of nature, how can we continue this study and maintain the connection with the Golden Eagle caboclo?

Some choose to attend events and ceremonies at the Reino do Sol headquarters in Brazil; others attend our sessions in various other countries. We recognize that such a deep study requires more opportunities to share, exchange, experience, as well as more content and practical knowledge. To attain these objectives, it is necessary to offer a space, where those interested can dive into and experience the realm of this spiritual school, while continuing to develop and maintain this connection.

The existence of the Golden Federation was progressively initiated as a result of a web of brothers and sisters/brotherhood, formed of individuals that vibrate in resonance with this line of Umbanda, opened and handed down to us by the Golden Eagle caboclo. To become conscious of this mandala was the first step toward planting the seed of a gathering, where the synergy of this collective connection would help us potentialize a more concrete path for our study. Golden Federation is the name given by the Golden Eagle caboclo, the mentor of Reino do Sol, to describe our collective of relentless seekers, from various backgrounds and nationalities, vibrating in resonance with these teachings, and identifying themselves with this line of spiritual work.

Various schools of different spiritual lineages identify with the emanations of the Golden Eagle “caboclo”, and each one manifests this connection in a particular way. The purpose of the Golden Federation Gathering is not to standardize a lineage, but to welcome its sons and daughters and to plant the seed of union; fraternity; consciousness; respect; integrity; and diversity- so that each flower sprouts its own individuality, together forming a garden. We are all connected through the recognition of the Golden Eagle caboclo as the regent of the portal for our study.

The acknowledgment that connects us stems from the longing to expand our consciousness and to pursue our soul’s purpose. The goal of the Golden Eagle Gathering is to share the tools present in this tradition to help each one in their spiritual journey.

All of us are the children of an “Orixá” and we have affinities with more than one line of Umbanda. To encourage the understanding of one’s own nature, expressed in connection with the “Orixás” reigning in one’s own mind and present in one’s own ancestral lineage, enables us to dive deeper into our personal development.

We can become better beings. Every seeker has the opportunity to access the keys to discover which are the doors and windows to the soul that need to be opened. Spirituality is one of the existing tools that can be used to assist us in our personal pursuit.

You are welcome to join us in this journey!

May the light of the Sun guide your flight!

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