Golden Federation – 2018

The 1st Golden Federation Encounter consists of a seven-day journey with ceremonies, practices, conferences and sharing that will promote the knowledge of the Golden Eagle Caboclo teachings to all interested in this crossing between the Umbanda and the Ayahuasqueiro Universe.

The Kingdom of the Sun is a spiritual school created from the inspiration of Caboclo Águia Dourada, Caboclo de Oxóssi at the intersection with Oxalá, our patron. It was born to constitute as a space of welcome for the development of mediums in connection with their Guides, at the intersection of Daime and Umbanda.

Throughout the fifteen years of existence of the Sun Kingdom, luminous encounters with various communities have occurred in many countries. People from different nations connected with the vibration and teachings of the Golden Eagle Caboclo. These encounters presented an important question: after such a shocking experience and deep contact with Soul Mysteries, how can we continue this study? Some seek to go to the Sun Kingdom in Brazil; others follow the ceremonies in the most varied countries. We recognize that the depth of the studies involved requires more exchanges, more sharing, more content, more experience. And in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to build a tool for the development and maintenance of this connection.

The existence of the Golden Federation was progressively signalized as a web of brothers who vibrate in resonance with this Umbanda delivered by Caboclo Golden Eagle. Becoming aware of this web was the first step towards planting the seeds of an encounter, where the synergy of this collective connection allows us to potentiate a Path of instruction. Golden Federation is the name given to this network of seekers present in many nations that vibrate in resonance with these teachings, and who identify with this Line of Spiritual Work.

Several spiritual schools identify with the emanations of Caboclo Golden Eagle, each expressing this connection in a particular way. The purpose of the 1st Meeting of the Golden Federation is not to standardize a line, but to sow so that each flower emerges in its individuality, and in its diversity constitutes a garden. What binds all is the identification of Caboclo Golden Eagle as regent of a portal of instruction.

The recognition that connects us takes place in many ways: it moves through the longing for the expansion of self-awareness and the purpose of our journey. The goal is to share tools in the Tradition that can assist each one in their spiritual quest.

We are all children of an Orixá, and we have affinities with one or more Lines of the Umbanda. Favoring the recognition of Nature itself, which is expressed in the connection with the Orixás regents of its head, enables us to deepen personal development.

We can become better beings, and we can improve our degree in that direction.


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